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How we carry on these activities

Own source of our organisation, mainly members’ contributions help us carrying these human activities (without taking any outside financial aids as yet). We are trying to make our activities sustainable as, we believe, only sustainable development activities  help save our larger poor, marginal and deprived community. We do it through collective actions, without jeopardizing and disturbing anyone else's interests, in view of achieving a permanent solution to the problems. The rational cooperation from all sections of our society is required in continuing our desired programmes which will help us reach to each and every unit in the targeted area.

We accept account payee bank cheques in favour of Micro Centre for Community Development and Research, along with a forwarding letter addressed to the Director.

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Contact nos. & Address -

Address for Communication (City Office) :


Dr. Arup Roy (Chairperson, MCCDR)
Flat F-6, Ideal Association,
CIT Scheme - VII M,
Kolkata - 700 054
Ph. No. : (91) 8902701979 / 9051435055
e-mail : mccdr@rediffmail.com

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