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Activities : For Which The Organization Has Been Established

  1. Providing financial and technical inputs (training, exposure to mainstream social interactions etc.) to the grass-root people in order to make them financially independent and physically, mentally and culturally confident.
  2. Making the parents or guardians of those children aware of the importance of their children’s education and health-care, and of the hazards of environmental pollution.
  3. Making the common people aware of high risk behaviour group, HIV/AIDS and treatment, care and support for STD/HIV/AIDS affected people.
  4. Mobilising locally available resources including human resources and to ensure optimum utilisation of the resources.
  5. Organising training, workshop, seminar etc for our workers through agencies or groups (like Roopkatha in Coochbehar), particularly in North Bengal.
  6. Guiding the agencies which will be working with us in implementing our programmes, both professionally and financially.
  7. Working with the co-operation of the Govt. agencies for strengthening the existing system of welfare activities.
  8. Organising cultural programmes, particularly folk programme, for enlightenment of the backward community people .
  9. Publishing souvenir, magazine, research papers, books etc.
  10. Appealing through popular media.
  11. Helping victims of natural calamities.
  12. Providing capacity building to the village health workers and teaching staff in non-formal and formal educational units run by our organisation.
  13. Forming and strengthening women's group/ village development committee for the sustainability of health, education and environment programmes at the community level.
  14. Organising programmes relating to Human Rights issues.


Class-room in Amlasole School

Student and teacher with the new book (non-formal) published by MCCDR for the students at Amlasole

Deprived Children with MCCDR in Coochbehar

Woman making Handicrafts